Ethan Garofolo

US House 31, Texas

Election Date: May 17, 2012



Phone: (512) 994-0677
About the Candidate: 

Ethan Garofolo was born to a working-class family. During his childhood and adolescence Ethan lived the devastating effects economic conditions can have on families. Ethan attended Brigham Young University where he majored in Computer Science and French. It was also here that Ethan began an earnest study of the founding philosophy of our nation. This message of liberty and limited confirmed his deep love for our country, and built his political foundation. After graduating from BYU Ethan and his wife Julie moved to Texas and District 31. They fully understand the meaning of, “I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.” The booming tech industry, sheer beauty of the Hill Country, and the warmhearted people of this area made the decision a no-brainer. Ethan has worked as a software developer since arriving in 2006. He and Julie are now the parents of two wonderful daughters. Ethan was not born into privilege and is not a professional politician (nor would he ever seek to make a career of it!). The opportunities and freedoms America still provides today are what allowed him to improve his circumstances and build something wonderful. Ethan believes that these opportunities are at risk today, suffering from the reckless abuses of power in the Congress. The crippled, jobless economy and the $15 trillion (and growing) debt that produced it; the multiple ongoing foreign wars; the runaway intervention into the business and personal lives of all Americans; the constant erosion of civil liberties; and a broken two-party system that profits from perpetuating these ills all threaten our freedom and prosperity. With neither party much interested in real reform and alarmed for the future of his two girls, Ethan was compelled to sound the cry of Liberty! and run for office. Ethan believes that America's brightest days are still to come but only if we return government to its proper constitutionally-defined limits.