Harlen Compton

Hillview City Council, Kentucky

Election Date: May 30, 2012



Phone: 502-437-9466
Web: http://www.compton2012.com/
About the Candidate: 

Harlen's plans as a Hillview City Councilman are:

Smaller, More Efficient Government

  • Control spending, families are tightening their belts, government should too.
  • Fight tax increases, our citizens are strapped enough.

Support Our Local Businesses

  • Avoid more costly litigation against the city by dealing fairly with all businesses.
  • Stop red-tape and excessive regulation, our government needs to get out of the way of our local businesses.

Respect Personal Liberty & Privacy

  • Personal choices about things like alcohol, tobacco, and food belong to individuals, not to government.
  • We shouldn't need a permit to have a yard sale.