Matthew A. Webber

State Representative, 12th District, Colorado

Election Date: July 6, 2012



About the Candidate: 

Matthew A. Webber is not a Native of Colorado, but that's because the choice was not his; both of his children are. Approaching 40, Matt found himself in a situation many Americans would find familiar, unsatisfied with his current work situation and not sure what do next. He was sure that a change needed to be made, that nobody was going to do his work for him, and that he shouldn't expect anybody else to either. After 15 years in the plumbing sales & service industry, he decided to pursue a second college degree and will soon be designing product instead of selling it. This is the American Dream that previous generations fought to preserve for us, that anybody should be able to change their life situation provided they are able to prioritize financial and time commitments, and they are also willing to make the sacrifices that those choices require. This is the American Dream that Matthew A. Webber will fight for if elected to Colorado's State House from District 12.”