Rick Witt

US House 1, New York

Election Date: May 31, 2012



Web: http://www.rickwitt2012.com
Email: rick@rickwitt2012.com
About the Candidate: 

Rick writes, “Our country is in tumultuous times. Rampant unemployment and the instability of our financial institutions, combined with an unstable dollar and the endless military campaigns, have created bitterness and anger in our hearts. A loud and universal vocal condemnation is coming from everyone outside the beltway. It is optimistic that more Americans are waking up to the real political nightmare that envelops us, however that understanding cannot save us if we continue to be divided as a nation. We must fight the cause and not the symptoms. The unrestrained corruption clearly visible in all levels of government is responsible for our pervasive apathy and frustration. Our founders’ vision and our prosperity are both being demolished. “The Republicrats that are running our federal institutions are shamelessly disregarding their constitutional oaths by passing laws contrary to our principles and in opposition to public opinion. Their reprehensible behavior heralds the beginning of the painful end of our great experiment; a government of the people. “There is hope in the changes that have occurred over the last decade. We are becoming aware of our political surroundings, yet we feel powerless to effect change even though there is a solution at our fingertips. It is time that We The People clean house and reclaim our government. All of our voices will be heard.