Robert Ryan

State Representative, 28th District, Ohio

Election Date: March 26, 2012



Phone: 513-207-3964
About the Candidate: 

Robert R. Ryan, is an engineer in satellite and aerospace propulsion systems. Mr. Ryan became involved in human rights and drug reform efforts as result of events in his mother's battle with cancer and his son’s drug arrest. He has been very active in community service and has held significant leadership positions in Cub Scouts, PTA, Knights of Columbus, Weed n Seed and other organizations. Mr. Ryan previously ran for Mayor of Salisbury Maryland and was later elected to the Republican Central Committee. As a member and treasurer of the Republican Central Committee, he authored and co-sponsored resolutions on voting rights and medical marijuana which resulted in the Daryl Puttman medical marijuana bill signed into law by Governor Bob Ehrlich.. Mr. Ryan moved back to Ohio, where he worked on several local issues including the defeat of the Hamilton County Jail tax. He has also testified on several issues at state legislative and local government hearings. Mr. Ryan believes that the Republican & Democratic Party dominance of state and federal government is the root cause of our dysfunctional government.