Rupert Boheham

Governor, Indiana

Election Date: May 18, 2012



Phone: 317-643-4090
About the Candidate: 

As a small business owner and youth advocate, I have experienced firsthand the effect governmental roadblocks placed in front of our struggling small business continue to have. Too often our elected leaders pass laws and regulations with no real world understanding of the negative impact these changes can have on the daily lives of Hoosiers. As the only candidate that has created private sector jobs and taught young men and women how to create jobs for themselves, I understand the consequences of misguided government policy. At the end of the day, I’m not a career politician I’m a small business owner.

In my first year as Governor, I will focus on three areas for major reform; taxes, education and the criminal justice system.

We need to lower taxes and make the collection and disbursement of them transparent and accountable. Hoosiers cannot afford another $600 million “oops”. We must also make sure that everyone and every business is paying their share, regardless of who their friends are in the Statehouse.

Our children are lacking the skills they need to make it in higher education and in the workforce. This is not the fault of hardworking dedicated teachers or concerned parents. The majority of the blame rests with the importance placed on standardized testing and administrative costs over classroom development. We need to encourage innovation in education, not multiple choice test prep. Life is not multiple choice, it’s an essay.