Seth Hollist

US House 32, Texas

Election Date: May 17, 2012



Phone: 972-413-TX32
About the Candidate: 

Seth writes, “Texas Congressional District 32 is where I live, where I worship, and where I work. I have been driving nearly the entire length of it, from Wylie to Addison and back, on an almost daily basis (and not on the toll roads either), for about 4 years now. Most businesses I visit frequently are also within the district boundaries. I've been living here and getting to know people who also live here for many years. I believe I can boldly speak for them as their humble servant and representative.” When elected to Congress, Seth Hollist promises to focus his efforts on: Requiring Sunset/Re-authorization requirements in all bills, and passing a bill requiring all current Federal laws to Sunset in 10 years unless re-authorized. A smaller, more reasonably sized, and better-focused military - Ending the undeclared and unconstitutional Wars and Policing activities. The Downsize DC Agenda. Stopping Socialistic UN agendas and other treaties that usurp the USA's sovereignty. Seth is a husband, married 9 years, and a father of 3 young kids; each of whom he loves very much. He works hard to help insure they have a home, food, and great potential for the future.