Steve Jones

Constable, Sebastian County Upper Township, Arkansas

Election Date: April 20, 2012



About the Candidate: 

My plans for the Constable's position are to basically be a reserve officer; to be available to the Sheriff's Office and the Fort Smith Police Department as needed. I do not plan on going out on patrols or running radar or pulling people over and giving tickets. Fort Smith Police Chief Lindsey liked this plan, as he would have to provide backup and basically provide for my safety, as would the Sheriff's Office, if I patrolled or engaged the public on a daily basis. I will not carry a gun in the open, but I do have a concealed carry permit and am armed at all times, except when I work. I have no desire to access the criminal database system, which can be abused by a law enforcement officer who is not under direct supervision (a constable has no supervisor). A law enforcement officer must take state training to access this database, and I do not plan to take that training.

Basically, I plan to simply occupy this unpaid position, so that it will not have any possibility of being abused. I will certainly be available to the Sheriff's Office and the Fort Smith Police Department in times of emergency, such as tornadoes, manhunts, lost person searches, etc. I have outdoors skills, a four-wheeler, I teach gun training and concealed carry classes and I am skilled at self-defense. I am the chairman of a non-profit gun rights group, so I am very familiar with Arkansas law and the rights and freedoms afforded to the citizens by both the Arkansas Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

County Judge Hudson, Sheriff Hollenbeck and Fort Smith Police Chief Lindsey are all aware of my campaign promises, and they agree with my plans for this office.

In the past year alone, the constable position has been corrupted by elected individuals in other townships. While I believe the constable office is greatly needed in many rural townships and towns, the elected position can be easily corrupted, and they only answer to the county quorum court, who can vacate the office by vote. This is the reason for my running for Constable; I want to occupy this office for two years to ensure no abuse or corruption will take place, while offering reserve-type assistance to the county and city when needed.

Please give me your vote!