Tony C. Jones

East Greenwich Town Moderator, Rhode Island

Election Date: June 27, 2012



About the Candidate: 

Tony writes, “It’s my pleasure to announce my candidacy for East Greenwich Town Moderator. The Town Moderator presides over all regular and special Financial Town Meetings (the legislative session that adopts the town budget) and has the power to regulate and manage the business of each meeting, and to maintain peace and good order during said meeting. As Town Moderator I will be focused increasing voter turnout to this important event. I will also seek to make our financial town meeting as effective, efficient, and transparent as possible. I feel this is the best role in which I can offer my time and talents to serve the people of East Greenwich. Thank you and I look forward to a great campaign. (Note: This is a two way race with Tony as the Libertarian and one Republican opponent.)