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STIMULUS 2: Overstimulation

Sometimes politicians learn quickly. Now that Republicans and the Democrats have figured out that paying Americans with their own money is a winning strategy, the ruling class has decided to use the tool again and again. Instead of stimulating the economy by slashing taxes or allowing businesses to operate fully, the duopoly is in the […]

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15 Days to Stop the Spread… One year later

It’s March 2021. We have been living within some sort of COVID-19 affected reality for one year. In some ways it feels like this started just a few months ago; in other ways, it’s hard to remember life before the pandemic. If we rewind just one year — before 500,000 COVID-related deaths and at least […]

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Bus Life: The Ladies Behind Lady Liberty

From LP News | Vol. 50, Issue 3 | Quarter 3, 2020 By Kate Prather • LP Texas 2020 has been quite a year, especially for campaigning, with there being no exceptions for our presidential candidate’s campaign. Conventions, petitioning, fundraising, event planning, and campaigning have all had to take very interesting and innovative approaches to […]

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Book review: 2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty

Would you like to spend a few minutes each day thinking about Libertarian political solutions in order to sharpen one’s own views on timely issues and be equipped for those water cooler discussions? Of course you do, and Gary Johnson’s 2012 running mate and contender for the 2020 Libertarian presidential nomination Judge Jim Gray has […]

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50 state ballot access map

LP Presidential Nominee On The Ballot in All 50 States Plus DC

As of September 15, the Libertarian Party (LP) has received confirmation that the campaign of Dr. Jo Jorgensen for president and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen for vice president has met all states’ ballot access requirements, according to the LP’s chair, Joseph Bishop-Henchman. Therefore, the Libertarian ticket is now officially on the ballot in all 50 states plus […]

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Libertarian Party

Upcoming Quarterly LNC Meeting September 12-13, 2020, Minneapolis, MN

LNC 09/12-13 Meeting Info plus Reservation Link: What: LNC Meeting 09-12-13 Where: Hilton Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport – 3800 American Blvd E, Bloomington, MN 55425 Room Rate: $75 Single or Double includes free wifi in both sleeping & meeting rooms. Additionally, they will provide you a coupon towards a grab-n-go breakfast each morning of your […]

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June Supreme Court Update

Last month saw several major decisions handed down by the Supreme Court that had an impact on a variety of factors affecting individual sovereignty, including reproductive freedom, the freedom to direct the religious education of one’s own children, and the freedom from state discrimination based upon sexual orientation. The following is a brief synopsis of […]

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