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“MeetUp” with other LP volunteers

A message from Austin Petersen, LP volunteer coordinator: In keeping with solidarity: Hello everyone, Austin Petersen is at your service! I’m hard at work building strong new coalitions across the country for our cause. Ballot access is coming slowly but surely. I am scouring the internet for volunteers, placing ads, sending emails to Libertarian and […]

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Selected LP Daily Polls from April

The following are selected Daily Poll results from last month. A general synopsis of the results are that of those that responded: only 17 percent consider Obama to be a political outsider; most would prefer to face Hillary in the general election; nearly a majority believe McCain’s military experience does not give him more credibility […]

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D’Souza’s blunder

I celebrated Christmas yesterday with my family back home in South Carolina. While a seemingly innocuous event, my celebration of Christmas may come as a great shock to people like Dinesh D’Souza, because I am what you may call. . .a libertarian. According to D’Souza, who recently blogged about Christopher Hitchens’ appearance at a Reason […]

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