2013 Libertarian Party of Connecticut Annual Convention


Start date: 
Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 9:00am
End date: 
Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 5:00pm


475 East Hartford Blvd. North
East Hartford, CT 06118


Libertarian Party of Connecticut 2013 annual convention, October 19th Cabela's East Hartford, CT.

Business owners, you can have a table at this convention for $15 Contact Richard Lion 860-913-3474 richard420lion@gmail.com

11:00 am. Official business meeting.  All members can vote.  Any one who signed the pledge and paid dues at least once in the past 5 years is considered a member. Minutes of 2012 convention Treasurer's Report Secretary's Report Determination size and members of SCC Selection of Judicial Committee members. Suspend convention for SCC meeting. Select officers for one year term to begin at close of this convention and end at close of 2014 convention. Table all other SCC business until next SCC meeting. Adjourn SCC meeting.

Resume convention, Chair announce names of officers.

12:30 pm. Chair address convention

12:45 pm. Joshua Katz: Presentation on his trip to the Bradley Manning trial.

1:05 pm Walter Gengarelly Jr. Award

1:15 pm. Meet the candidates. Libertarian candidates panel question and answers with audience.

2:15 pm. Short break for mingling

2:45 pm. Speaker George Phillies, Professor of Physics (and Biochemistry, and Game Design) at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is a frequent commenter on Libertarian affairs. He has written three books on Libertarian party politics, "Stand Up for Liberty!", "Funding Liberty", and (with the New Path team) "Libertarian Renaissance". For the past 15 years, his monthly newsletters "Let Freedom Ring", "Libertarian Strategy Gazette", and most recently "Liberty for America" have supplied libertarians across America with up to date information. In 2008, George ran for our party's Presidential nomination. The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire put him on their ballot. Recently, he has published a series of editorials against the NSA police state regime; the forthcoming book will be "The (Establishment) War on America".

3:30 pm. Speaker Andrew Schneider, ACLU Connecticut executive director. As executive director of the ACLU of Connecticut and the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut, Andrew Schneider has overall responsibility for management and operation of both organizations. Since he took over in 2007, the ACLU of Connecticut has taken a leading role in the struggle to repeal the death penalty, block red light cameras, reform drug policy and achieve marriage equality. Before serving as the organization’s Executive Director in Connecticut, Schneider was Executive Director of the ACLU of West Virginia for six years. During his tenure there, the affiliate’s membership more than tripled and its budget quintupled in size. In West Virginia, Schneider spearheaded a successful campaign to pass legislation to combat racial profiling and for those efforts, he was honored by the NAACP with the Freedom Award.

4:15 pm. Long break for meal

6:00 pm. Keynote speaker Scott Wilson, President CCDL The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non­partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. They are especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense of both self and state, through public enlightenment and legislative action.

6:45 pm. Close convention George Phillies Andrew Schneider Scott Wilson