Libertarian Party of Clark County Nevada 2014 Convention


Start date: 
Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 9:00am
End date: 
Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 5:00pm


El Cortez Hotel and Casino
600 E. Fremont Street - Founders Room
Las Vegas, NV 89101


Bylaws will be approved from the floor at convention, election of officers to the county executive committee (to serve until the next convention which must take place before June 1 of 2014 (IV-Proviso)), election of precinct captains, and nominations to public office (for which boundaries completely lie within the county) will be taking place.

Applicable Bylaws:
(VI 1) Affiliate Organizing Conventions; Once five members of the Libertarian Party have signed a letter indicating their willingness to serve as officers in a county affiliate, it shall be the responsibility of the State Executive Committee to hold an organizing convention.

(VI 4) Elections at the Organizing Convention; At the organizing convention, the members of the Libertarian Party in the county being organized shall elect officers and precinct captains. At the conclusion of the organizing convention, the affiliate is officially formed. The organizing convention shall be chaired by the State Chair or a designee approved by the Executive Committee, should the State Chair be unable to attend an organizing convention. All members in attendance at the organizing convention shall become voting members of the new affiliate by virtue of attending the organizing convention.
All of Article VI and other sections of the bylaws (https://lpnevada.org/about/bylaws.html)