Libertarian Party of Missouri State Convention


Start date: 
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 8:30am
End date: 
Saturday, February 23, 2013 - 5:00pm


Truman Hotel & Conference Center
1510 Jefferson St
Jefferson City, MO 65109


SHOW-ME State's 2013 LP State Convention

Saturday, February 23—Jefferson City 8:30-5:00
Truman Hotel
No cost for meeting--$20 for Awards Luncheon - Chicken Picatta with salad, vegetables, rice, rolls and iced tea
Coffee in the morning, Cookies and Iced Tea for the afternoon break
Preregister by responding to Cisse at chair@lpmo.org

If you want to join us for lunch, please pay online by making a $20 donation at https://www.lpmo.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=2 (Go to LPMO.org and click on the Donate button) BY THE END OF TUESDAY - we have to give the hotel numbers by Wednesday.

This is a working meeting, we will not be having speakers and breakout sessions this time.

We are considering a new website and and specific literature and promotional pieces for the party - do you care if we do and what it looks like? SHOW UP and see some sample looks

We are looking at tools to help develop county affiliates - do you care about county affiliates? SHOW UP and voice your opinion

We are looking at tools to recruit and develop candidates - do you care about filling our ballot and helping our candidates? SHOW UP and discuss the things we need the most

We are considering important by-laws changes and some platform changes. Do you care about our by-laws and platform? SHOW UP and VOTE

Greg Tlapek - our treasured MOLP activist for the last 30 years, and resident expert on the MO statutes has prepared some notes on the afternoon State Committee meeting, so by all means SHOW UP!

Form State Committee—The plan is to make formation of the state committee the first order of business when the state committee meeting convenes. Basically, we anticipate everyone in attendance can be a state committee member if they wish.

Members of the state committee were supposed to have been selected at meetings within each Senatorial District Committee on the Saturday following the third Tuesday in November following each general election in the even numbered years (RSMO 115.621.3). State Committee members do not need to be members of their respective Senatorial District Committees, just registered voters of their senatorial district. Their first duty is to meet and elect officers (RSMO 115.623). We try to organize as closely as possible to state statutes (our bylaws 4.1).

Elect Officers—Officers will be elected to a two year term by the members of the state committee.

MOLP officers are always elected in off election years at the state committee meeting in accordance with state statutes (4.1). The MOLP has our state committee meeting during our annual convention (4.3). The new officers begin their terms after the convention is over (6.2).

The officers of the State Committee and the Executive Committee are one-and-the-same (6.3, 6.5), though officers serve for two year terms (6.2), while the other Executive Committee members serve one year terms (5.4).

Vice Chair

At the January Executive Committee meeting, Cisse Spragins said she’d be chair for another term, Sean O’Toole agreed to be Treasurer again. Mike Bozarth declined to run for Vice Chair again. Randy Langkraeher said he’d like to be Vice Chair, though might continue as Secretary if needed.

Elect Executive Committee— We have to fill 16 positions plus alternates on the Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving, but won't be attending, please contact Cisse, chair@lpmo.org, or Greg (573) 225-7187. It is not unusual to elect members who aren’t in attendance.

The Executive Committee, other than its officers, serves a one year term (5.4). Its members are chosen at every convention’s state committee meeting (5.4) by the State Committee members in attendance from each district (5.2). There can be two members from each congressional district plus alternates. Executive Committee members must be voting members of the MOLP (5.2).

Platform Changes—Platform changes can be made at the convention and are voted on by all voting members in attendance. There are several proposed, and all require a 2/3 majority to pass (9.4).

Education—Greg Tlapek proposes an introduction to the plank on education, stating we believe people are responsible for the education of their own children.

Elections—Greg Tlapek proposes a rewrite of the section on elections.

Marriage Equality—Cisse is proposing a statement on marriage equality.

Bylaws Changes—Three proposed changes to the bylaws were submitted to the state committee 30 days in advance of the meeting as required in the bylaws (9.1) (13.2). Only State Committee members vote (4.2). Changes require a 2/3 majority (13.2)

Nominating Convention—Greg Tlapek resubmitted the same proposal he put forth at the convention last year with slight modification by Cisse. Basically the proposal uses our ability to refuse to issue a receipt for payment of filing fees as a tool to conduct our own internal nominating convention for statewide and federal candidates.

10.2 The purpose of the nominating convention will be three-fold.
1. Encourage people to run for office.
2. Cull unacceptable candidates for statewide and federal office.
3. Allow, but not require, members to choose a single candidate to represent us in the general election in any statewide or federal race.

Membership Categories—Cisse and Russ Monchil will advocate adding a recognized membership category that would set up a $25 annual dues (in addition to the current voting membership category).

Executive Committee Membership—At Julie Stone’s recommendation, Cisse is proposing a change to allow us to fill vacancies in the Executive Committee from outside the districts.

Committee Positions—Several committee positions will be considered.

Volunteer Coordinator
Campus Organizer/Coordinator
Fundraising Chair
Website assistance
Communication Director

The Missouri LP had a great year in 2012 - we celebrated 20 years of continuous ballot access, and broke numerous election records. All because, for over 20 years, Missouri Libertarians have SHOWN UP! (So please join us.)