Libertarians Working for You Radio Show Featuring LP Candidates Chad Monnin and Will Hammer


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 2:00pm
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 3:00pm




Libertarians Working for You Show 23

Recorded Live on Wednesday, July 16, 2-3 P.M. Eastern


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Libertarian Candidate for State Representative Chad Monnin and Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress Will Hammer on Downsizing Federal and State Governments




Chad Monnin, Candidate for State Representative, Ohio District 19

Will Hammer, Candidate for U.S. Congress, Virginia District 6




Libertarians can work together to cut both State and Federal governments, and return power to individuals. On this week’s show, we will have one candidate for U.S. Congress and one candidate for the Ohio House of Representative discuss how they would downsize government.

Libertarian Candidate for State Representative, Chad Monnin


Chad Monnin is an entrepreneur and former member of the U.S. Military. His business has employed over 17,000 people. In the Army, he was assigned to Aviation, Infantry, and Special Forces.

As an entrepreneur, Chad knows how important it is to get the government out of the way of business. He plans to reduce government interference in business and personal lives, to increase jobs, improve education, and increase individual freedom.

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Will Hammer


Will Hammer holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College. He was also the founder and president of the Hampden-Sydney Classical Liberals. He intends to dismantle Federal departments, reduce and eliminate taxes, and dramatically curtail Federal meddling in our personal lives.

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