Alex Merced

Alex Merced was elected vice chair of the LNC in 2018. He has run for public office three times as a  Libertarian: New York City public advocate in 2013, U.S. senate in 2016, and New York City comptroller in 2017.

He has been active as a director for many terms in the Manhattan and Brooklyn Libertarian Party affiliates, and prior to his run for LNC vice chair, he served as policy director of the 2018 Larry Sharpe for Governor (N.Y.) campaign, where he now serves as senior policy advisor.

Professionally, Merced has been a financial industry trainer for over ten years. While earning his B.A. in Popular Culture Studies/Marketing at Bowling Green State University, he gained experience in roles ranging from disc jockey at WBGU-FM Radio to being a local concert promoter, and even taking on ownership of a gaming store.

Everywhere possible, Merced applies the skills he has acquired in entrepreneurship, communicating, and marketing, to the important job of promoting a more free world. This vigilance is illustrated by his ongoing, prolific hosting of podcasts promoting Libertarianism, as well as his enthusiasm for training other Libertarians to become podcasters in their own right.