Michelle MacCutcheon

Michelle MacCutcheon has been serving as the Activism Coordinator since March of 2021. She was first brought on as staff as the Membership Coordinator in July of 2020.

Michelle has been Libertarian since 1995 and she was one of three to help found her county party in the 2000’s. Beginning in 2014, she began to take on additional roles outside of county leadership and accepted the appointed role of Ohio Membership Coordinator in October, 2015. In June 2016, Michelle served as the State Director for the Gary Johnson campaign and ended the campaign as the National Field Trainer. Since that time, Michelle has been active in volunteering for other state level and national campaigns.

Prior to working with the LP, Michelle has spent the bulk of her professional career in recruiting management and retail management.

Michelle is an Ohio native and has attended the University of Cincinnati.