Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris has served as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party since March 2021. He has worked in many capacities on staff, starting in the operations center mail room, going on to frontline member services, management of LP Store, and serving as HQ liaison to our highly-successful candidate field team operations. He was an integral member of the team responsible for the planning and execution of the first virtual presidential nominating convention ever held by a 50-state party. Most recently, he held the position of Deputy Director of Operations.

Prior to working for the LP, Tyler was a manager within the US payments division of a multinational FTSE 100 company, a business payments consultant and entrepreneur, and the operations manager of a privately-owned small business.

Tyler worked on his first political campaign as a youth organizer at the age of 16, and in college was a campus organizer and activist. He has since been a volunteer for many candidates and campaigns, both locally and nationally, the founder of a Libertarian Party county affiliate, and an LP county chair.

A California native, Tyler holds a degree in Economics from the University of Arizona. He has resided in Virginia since 2007.