Maine - Libertarian Party Candidates 2012

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Andrew Ian Dodge

US Senate, Maine

Election Date: April 5, 2012



About the Candidate: 

Andrew Ian Dodge believes the Founding Fathers fought the most consequential battle for freedom in history. He should know; his family was there. The Dodges have been in Maine since the early1800s when it was still part of Massachusetts. In 2007 Andrew came face to face with that legacy when he married the actress Kim Benson in a chapel built by his grandfather and uncles on Ocean Point. Prior to his run for office, Andrew was an activist in Maine’s Tea Party movement. He organized the first registered tea party event in Maine, which took place in Augusta on April 15 2009. Andrew has also represented Maine at national conventions of Tea Party supporters, and has had a major hand in deciding strategy for the movement. He has appeared frequently in the local and national press speaking about tea party issues, doing interviews with outlets as diverse as Russian TV, MSNBC and French Canadian radio on the subject. Prior to his Libertarian run, Andrew was also an influential voice for Tea Partiers in the media, having written for the Washington Examiner, Pajamas Media and the Daily Caller.