Nevada State Assemblyman John Moore Joins Libertarian Party

For Immediate Release Friday, January 8, 2016

John Moore color headshot (photo) Assemblyman
John Moore

LAS VEGAS, Nevada,January 8, 2016 — TheLibertarian Party of Nevada (LP Nevada), the fastest growing political party in the state, today announced Nevada State Assemblyman John Moore has joined the party.

Moore represents the 8 th Assembly District of Nevada and is currently serving his first term.

‘I first met some of the leaders of the party during the last legislation session and I was really impressed,’ saidMoore. ‘We started working together, and before I decided to join the Libertarian Party, they provided a lot of support for me. Since we started working together under the Libertarian Party banner I have received so much support and I am really looking forward to our future together.’

‘I had the opportunity to meet Assemblyman Moore last summer at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas and was impressed by how closely his views aligned with those of the Libertarian Party,’ said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the national Libertarian Party. ‘We welcome him and look forward to working together to restore liberty to Nevada and the rest of the country.’

‘The Libertarian Party of Nevada is proud to welcome Assemblyman John Moore to our party, and we fully support him,’ said LP Nevada Chairman Brett H. Pojunis. ‘We have been working hard to build a viable option for voters in Nevada, and this will help us to continue our exponential growth.’

LP Nevada hosted a press conference today, where Assemblyman John Moore addressed the media. In addition, the LP introduced Libertarian candidates John McAfee and Dennis Hof. It was the first official press conference for tech mogul John McAfee since he announced he is running for the Libertarian Party nomination for president.

Libertarian Party of Nevada Media + Press Contacts:

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Brett H. Pojunis, Chairman
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