Barr Condemns Newest Bailout

Former Congressman Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's 2008 presidential nominee, issued a statement condemning the proposed $15-billion bailout of the auto industry apparently nearing approval in the Congress.  Barr said “the Faustian bargain” the Big 3 automakers reached with lawmakers “compounds the problem” of the massive bailouts backed by Congress and the Bush Administration, and apparently is structured so as to give the federal government a degree of involvement and control of GM, Ford, and Chrysler that the companies “will live to regret.”

America's Largest Third Party Turns 37

The Libertarian Party, America's third-largest political party, is celebrating its 37th birthday. 

LP Illinois: Governor Should Resign Immediately

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (LP Illinois) condemns the recent actions of Democratic Governor Rob Blagojevich and calls for his immediate resignation for the good of the State of Illinois.

Blagojevich was arrested on December 9, 2008, accused of scheming to profit from the selling of President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat for cash or for a political appointment. Charges against Blagojevich were detailed in a 76-page criminal complaint.

Logic Behind Auto Bailout: 'Insanity'

The nation's largest third-party is calling for Congress to strike down a measure backed by the White House that would risk at least $15 billion of taxpayer dollars to bail-out the American automot

Resolution Condemning Domestic Deployment of the U.S. Military

The following resolution was passed by the Libertarian National Committee on Dec. 7, 2008 at its quarterly board meeting: