Republicans Accuse Democrats of “Socialism,” but Republican Bailouts-Without-End are as Big Government as it Gets

Sen. John McCain accuses Sen. Barack Obama of being a “socialist,” but it is President George W. Bush, supported by Sen. McCain, who has done the most to socialize the U.S. economy. Courtesy of the Republican Party, the federal government is set to own a sizeable chunk of the housing, auto, banking and insurance industries, as well as pieces of individual companies lining up to sell securities to Washington. Even individual homes, with Uncle Sam preparing to become the mortgage guarantor of last resort, are the targets of nationalization.

As the Election Draws Near, Americans Need to Vote for Real, Meaningful Change (In Other Words…Not for Republicans or Democrats)

The famed fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she’s warming up. Sen. John McCain’s campaign has the feel of a farewell tour. His imminent loss gives conservatives another reason to drop the Republican Party.

The GOP long ago abandoned those who believe in limited government and individual liberty. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the Republican Party responded to new Democratic spending initiatives with “me too.” Richard Nixon embraced and signed into law much of today’s regulatory establishment.

Barr Predicts McCain Will Lose in Georgia

"Senator John McCain will not win Georgia," predicts Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president.  "His shrinking poll numbers are an indication that McCain is losing touch with the Ameri

Barr Says McCain is on his 'Farewell Tour'

Bob Barr says that Sen. John McCain is on his "farewell tour" across America, as it has become clear that Sen. McCain has no realistic chance of winning the presidential election.