Bush: The ambassador that wasn't

If it weren't for a history of abuses against civil liberties and a penchant for regulatory economic policies, President George Bush could have been an ambassador of freedom and capitalism during h

Time to Cut Off Iraq

"It is time for Iraq to take responsibility for the costs and burdens of rebuilding their country," says Libertarian Party National Chairman William Redpath, following a new report from the Governm

Border fences poor substitutes for immigration reform

As the federal government scrambles to put up a costly border fence along the Mexico-US border, Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis is already calling it a "poor substitute for real immigration reform." 

"Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States that will only worsen if we continue to play games instead of getting serious about real reform," says Davis. "Border fences are expensive distractions, paid for by taxpayers, from addressing the causes of illegal immigration."

'We don't mind you shutting down'

While Republicans threaten a government shutdown over a fight with Democrats on offshore drilling, the Libertarian Party says such a dramatic step wouldn't be so bad.

"We don't mind Congress shutting down," says Andrew Davis, spokesperson for the Libertarian Party. "At least taxpayers will get a break from Congress' spending spree.  Anything that government does to decrease how active it is in passing new laws and spending taxpayer money is something the Libertarian Party fully supports."

Freedom going up in smoke

Tobacco regulations that just passed the House "should carry a warning label about their dangerous effects on liberty," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

The bill, sponsored by California Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman, would give new powers to the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco ingredients and advertising, as well as the introduction of new products into the market.  The bill passed the House 326 to 102 after less than an hour of debate.