Help fund our 'Stop Top Two' radio ads in California

Dear Friend of Liberty,

First I'd like to thank the 2010 convention delegates for electing me to serve as your new Libertarian National Committee Chairman. I hope to tell you more about our future plans, but right now I need your help to fend off an immediate threat to the Libertarian Party.

Please donate $1,000, $100, or whatever you can to help pay for our radio ads to fight Proposition 14 in California, the "Top Two" elections proposition.

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Randy Eshelman

Press Release

For Immediate Release

New Libertarian Party National Chair Opposes California Proposition 14

WASHINGTON - Mark Hinkle, newly elected chair of the National Libertarian Party, and former chair of the Libertarian Party of California, issued the following statement today about California's Proposition 14, the "Top-Two" elections measure:

Kevin Hendrickson

State Representative, District 69,

Election Date: June 3, 2010



Email: ElectKevinIL69@AOL.Com

Mark Rutherford

Brad Ploeger

Wayne Root

Carl Vassar

David Nolan


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