John Roberts

East Bay Regional Park District Ward 2,

Election Date: November 8, 2016

Phone: 949-379-9437

Washington Post article shows Gov. Gary Johnson a guardian of taxpayer money

ImageAn October 3 Washington Post article seems intent on casting Libertarian Gary Johnson in a negative light based on his performance as two-term governor of New Mexico.

But for those who think government is too big, their portrayal showed Johnson to be the penultimate outsider who resisted unrelenting pressure from special interests and their legislative allies, earning the nick name “Governor No.”

San Francisco Chronicle: Pelosi sees threat to Clinton from Libertarian candidate

ImageFrom the San Francisco Chronicle site on September 27:

CNN: The media's hypocrisy on Gary Johnson

ImageFrom an op-ed piece by Matt Welch, editor at-large for Reason Magazine, which appeared on on September 30:

"Is Gary Johnson qualified to run for president? Let's talk about that, but first let's talk about this:

Giovanni Martello

Richlandtown Borough Council,

Election Date: November 7, 2017
Term: 1 year
Partisan Office:

LP Indiana won't back down after rigged presidential polling

ImageThe Libertarian Party of Indiana released the following statement on October 2:

ABC Denver: Libertarians a 'huge problem' for Clinton, Trump in Colorado

ABC-7 in Denver describes how Libertarians Governors Gary Johnson for president and William Weld for vice president are in play in the critical state of Colorado:

“Gary Johnson is a huge problem for Hillary Clinton right now," said [former Colorado Republican state chairman Dick] Wadhams, "and, also potentially a problem for Donald Trump because there are still lot of Republicans not convinced, and they might be looking at an alternative.”

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For Immediate Release

Libertarian Gary Johnson Garners More Major Newspaper Endorsements


Alexandria – The Chicago Tribune and The Detroit News join The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Winston-Salem Journal and the New Hampshire Union-Leader in endorsing Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Both the Tribune and The Detroit News pointed out that Johnson and Weld, unlike the other tickets, have public executive experience and are candidates Americans can be proud to vote for.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Libertarian Simmons takes on Democratic stronghold

Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons

For nearly three decades, Democratic U.S. representative Richard Neal has enjoyed czar-like status in largely rural western Massachusetts, where he has scored one re-election victory after another, mostly unopposed.

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama from the LNC vice chair

Arvin Vohra
Arvin Vohra

An open letter to President Barack Obama:

Mr. President, you told America today that a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Trump. As it turns out, you were only a tiny bit off.


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