Door Hanger sale probably starts Friday 8/27/10

LP News, which is arriving at homes now, announced door hangers would be available for sale online. They're not quite ready, but may be on Friday 8/27/10. Will keep you posted. --Wes Benedict

Mexico Ex-President Fox Calls for Drug Legalization

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said his country should legalize the production and sale of drugs in order to curb rising cartel-related violence.

Just Say Now petition to Facebook to change ad policy on marijuana legalization

 As explained in our press release, the Libertarian Party is encouraging individuals to protest the decision made by Facebook to refuse advertisements that advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarian Party protests Facebook censorship of its marijuana legalization ad

WASHINGTON - The Libertarian Party (LP) is protesting the decision by Facebook to refuse advertisements that advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

The LP had been running a highly successful Facebook ad to express its support of marijuana legalization, but Facebook banned the ad about a week after accepting it.

A sample of the banned LP ad appears below:



Sen. Mike Gravel to Appear in DC Premier of Farragut North


Start date: 
Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 8:00pm
End date: 
Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 10:00pm
Time Zone: 


1108 Jefferson St.
Alexandria, VA 22314


Ron Paul, former LP Presidential candidate, supports property rights of Islamic cultural Center supporters

Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul is breaking with many of his fellow Republicans - among them his son Rand - to support the creation of the planned Islamic cultural center near the former site of the World Trade Center that has come to be known as the "ground zero mosque."

LP Monday Message: How to handle Ronald Reagan?

August 23, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

As the 2010 election approaches, a lot of Republican politicians are trying to posture as government-cutters, and they often hold up Ronald Reagan as an example.

But although Reagan often talked about supporting smaller government, most Libertarians know that in practice he did exactly the opposite. For example:

How should Libertarians deal with the myth that Ronald Reagan reduced government?

Don't bring it up, to avoid offending his fans.
8% (362 votes)
It's not a myth. Reagan really did shrink government.
15% (656 votes)
Libertarians should point out that Reagan grew government.
60% (2720 votes)
Blame government growth in the 1980s on everyone except Reagan.
5% (207 votes)
13% (572 votes)
Total votes: 4517

An evening with JD Hayworth

David Nolan cactusLast night I attended a rally for J.D. Hayworth, the right-wing Republican challenger to John McCain. I did so only because I was invited by his Southern Arizona Coordinator, and I wanted to see what kind of support he's drawing, what their issues are, and so forth.


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