Poll: Few Americans trust Obama, Congress with the economy

A new poll from the independent firm Rasmussen Reports finds what Libertarians have said for years – Americans trust their own judgment on economic issues more than that of President Obama and Congress.

The awful truth about government-run care: It's rationing

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a physician and resident fellow at the independent, non-partisan American Enterprise Institute, writes in today's Wall Street Journal about the inescapable truth of government-run health care -- it can only make health care cheap by rationing your access to it.

You may click here or pick up a copy of the Journal to read Dr. Gottlieb's column.  Dr. Gottlieb writes in part:

Who are 'the uninsured?'

Today's Washington Times editorial takes an eye-opening look into the Obama insinuation that America's 45 million uninsured are middle-class families who simply can't get health insurance unless Congress gives in to his proposed government takeover of health care.

Click here to read the editorial, or pick up a copy of the Times if you live in the metro D.C. area.  The Times writes, in part:

Barr: Koh nomination is "truly dangerous" threat to Second Amendment rights

Writing in his blog for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Congressman Bob Barr lays out the case against Harold Koh, the Obama nominee to be State Department legal adviser.  Koh's nomination will be voted upon by the Senate today and if confirmed, he would be negotiating treaties for the United States and essentially be "America's lawyer" in the international legal community.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarians recommend Senate defeat Koh nomination


Obama nominee to negotiate treaties says U.S. must adopt "global gun control"

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Tuesday recommended the Senate defeat the nomination of Harold Koh to be State Department legal adviser, citing a history of opposition to gun rights and national sovereignty.

Research: Government-run health care MORE expensive than private care

Health care researcher Dr. Jeffrey H. Anderson, writing in today's Investor's Business Daily, reveals the troubling findings of research into government-run health care programs.  Despite Barack Obama's promises that his proposed government takeover of doctor's offices will somehow reduce costs, the facts show exactly the opposite is true.

You may click here to read the column.  Dr. Anderson writes, in part:

Washington Post: Time to privatize the Postal Service

From yesterday's surprising editorial in The Washington Post, which endorses positions long held by the Libertarian Party.  You may click here to read the full editorial.

The Post concludes:

New taxation of your health benefits (Oh, except unions)

Health Care Catastrophe

By: Daniel Murdock

        Even though working Americans would pay trillions more in additional taxes, Washington continues to press forward with plans for health care reform. There are numerous proposals on how to raise the necessary funds, but Senator Max Baucus’ (D-Mont.) plan to “limit allowable tax free health benefits” has garnered the most attention.

CBS, New York Times engineer poll to create pro-ObamaCare majority

A recent CBS/New York Times poll showing a majority of Americans wanted to pay higher taxes to fund a government takeover of the health care system clashed sharply with a multitide of polls showing Americans opposed the plan.

Barr: Federal regulatory burden hits $1.17 trillion

Over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website, 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Congressman Bob Barr draws attention to one of the major hurdles facing our economic recovery -- the $1.17 trillion cost of complying with government regulations that must be carried by every American citizen and employer.

Removing unneeded and unnecessary regulations would be an important first step toward creating jobs -- and more effective than the Obama approach of throwing borrowed money at the problem.


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