Pennsylvania LP recruiting candidates for local offices

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) is seeking registered Libertarians to file for local offices throughout Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has lots of local offices in small districts. Often, nobody files for them at all. If a Libertarian files for an unopposed office, the Libertarian is almost certain to win.

Like most states, Pennsylvania is divided into counties, but additionally, all Pennsylvanians are also part of a municipality (city, borough, or township). Many of the municipalities have very small populations.

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Of the 188 nationwide elected Libertarians, 28 of them (15 percent) are from Pennsylvania. All publicly elected offices in Pennsylvania are partisan. Many other states have nonpartisan local elections.

Only Florida, with 31, has more elected Libertarians than Pennsylvania, and those Floridians are in nonpartisan offices.

Offices up for election in Pennsylvania include positions like auditor, borough council, constable, inspector of elections, town council, and more.

An article in The Sentinel explains more about the township auditor position.

The job of borough councilor is a legislative role that is very important. The council may meet monthly, and passes ordinances, rules, and regulations that affect residents in many important ways, including impacting tax rates. The qualifications are minimal. No degrees or work experience are required. Training is provided.

LPPA Elections Manager Dr. Chuck Moulton, along with former Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict, are mailing letters, emailing, and phoning registered Libertarians directly to encourage them to file for what are most likely to be unopposed races.

Dr. Moulton speaks from experience, having served as a Whitpain judge of elections since 2018, an election he won by simply writing in his name for the office.

To reach Chuck Moulton and Wes Benedict about filing for office in Pennsylvania, please send an email to, or fill out the form below.

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