What is the biggest benefit of a broad-based tax cut that forces substantial reductions in government spending?

People will have thousands of dollars more every year to support their families and help their loved ones in need.
6% (301 votes)
People will save and invest more in small businesses, creating jobs.
2% (91 votes)
The economy thrives when people can keep the money they earn because they have more incentive to be productive.
6% (282 votes)
Dismantling bureaucracies, regulations, and prohibitions that impose on businesses will allow them to thrive, creating jobs.
4% (183 votes)
Dismantling programs, regulations, and prohibitions that impose on individuals means more personal freedom, privacy and justice.
7% (332 votes)
Cutting military spending will foster peace and reduce the threat of a terrorist attack.
3% (154 votes)
Low taxes force politicians to cut government waste.
3% (135 votes)
Low taxes make America more competitive in the world marketplace.
1% (41 votes)
It's impossible to choose just one of the above. All are huge benefits of cutting taxes.
33% (1656 votes)
All of the above are huge benefits, except for cutting the military.
27% (1363 votes)
The benefits to the economy listed above are the most important.
5% (270 votes)
I have a different response.
4% (208 votes)
Total votes: 5016