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Convention 02

Outreach to Democratic Friends

Dear Libertarian, Many of us have Bernie-supporting Democratic friends who are feeling pretty jaded right now. I bet you know someone who is. Maybe a close friend, a family member, a Facebook friend… They just worked so hard for a candidate they believed in and have come face to face with the corruption and rigging […]

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Press Release

Libertarian Party to Democrats: It’s cruel to be kind

Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark released the following statement today: Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and other speakers at the Democratic National Convention are espousing the virtue of love and the need to take care of our fellow man, suggesting that this can be accomplished through government programs such as welfare and socialized medicine. […]

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Reason, Libertarians in the News

Reason: Gary Johnson Endorsed by Two Montana GOP State Reps

  Excerpt: “This morning the Gary Johnson/William Weld ticket for the White House nabs an endorsement from a state legislator who is running for re-election in 2016 as a Republican. Daniel Zolnikov (R-Billings), a 29-year-old two-term state representative known for his civil libertarian work on surveillance and free speech, is joining with his fellow State […]

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Libertarians in the News

The Daily Beast: Vice Chair of D.C. GOP to Resign Over Trump Nomination

Excerpt: “The vice chairman of the Washington, D.C., GOP party plans to resign from his post and vote for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November, the longtime Republican operative told The Daily Beast. Gary Teal, a delegate at the Republican convention, said he had already told fellow delegates that he will resign. “’If I’m not […]

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Libertarians in the News

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Libertarians say party discord opens door for them

Excerpt: “Trump-wary Republicans are defecting from the GOP. Liberal Democrats are distrustful of their party’s presumptive nominee. And voters of both parties are tired of partisan clogging the works. “This could be the Libertarian Party’s moment.
 Presidential nominee Gary Johnson and running mate Bill Weld believe so. “’We wouldn’t be doing this if there weren’t […]

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Gary Johnson

Did Ted Cruz just endorse Gary Johnson?

It sounded like it and the Libertarian Party proudly welcomes Cruz supporters. Last night at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Cruz encouraged Americans to “vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.” The Libertarian Party agrees. Nicholas Sarwark, Chair […]

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Convention 13

How to talk with your Republican friend

Dear Libertarian, Many of us have Republican friends who are pretty frustrated right now. I bet you know someone who is. Maybe a close friend, a family member, a Facebook friend… They are not bad people, and they aren’t blind either. They see that Trump is a bully, that he’s unqualified. They agree he should […]

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Nicholas Sarwark

Libertarian Party Calls for an End to All Violence

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark issued this statement today in relation to the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas: “The killing needs to stop. All of it. None of these shootings were justified – not the shootings by the police, not the shootings of the police. The Libertarian Party denounces […]

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Nicholas Sarwark, Press Release

No one should be above the law.

The FBI has decided not to push for criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server for her State Department emails. “This is a serious miscarriage of justice,” says Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “One key criteria for laws to be just is that they must be […]

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Mark Feldman

Libertarians lose beloved activist Marc Feldman

2016 candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president and newly re-elected at-large member of the Libertarian National Committee passed away on Tuesday. The cause of death is not known at the time of this writing. Nicholas Sarwark, LP Chair, released the following statement: “Members of the Libertarian Party are deeply saddened to learn of […]

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