Samuel Adams Activism Award

Awards 2016

Samuel Adams Activism Award is for recognition of effective activism by building Party membership. Organizing community outreach, or communicating Libertarian principles. The recipients of the 2022 Samuel Adams Activism Award are David Aitken and Barbara Howe.

David Aitken

David Aitken is the current Database Manager for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. He is an unsung hero of the LPCO responsible for the Party’s ballot access. He has been a quiet presence that many do not notice, but others realize how invaluable he has been. He scanned all of the LPCO’s newsletters meticulously on a home scanner prior to the Historical Preservation Committee coming into existence. During his term as state chair, he proposed, and members approved, expanding the board of directors from 5 to 9 directors by splitting Finance into Fundraising and Treasurer, splitting Communications into Publications and Public Relations, and adding Affiliates and Legislative.

Barbara Howe

Barbara Howe was Chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina in 2008. She was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina at the 2018 National Convention.

Past Samuel Adams Activism Award Winners

1996: Don Ernsberger
1998: Steve Dasbach
2000: Richard Rider
2002: Bruce Baechler
2004: Jim Lark
2006: Michael Badnarik
2008: Bill Hall
2010: Michael Johnston and Kevin Knedler
2012: Clyde Garland
2014: Hardy Macia
2016: Wendy Adams
2018: Joe Johnson and Alicia Mattson
2020: Evan McMahon and Aaron Starr