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Vice President, Spike Cohen!

Your support for the Libertarian Party sends a clear message to the old, ruling parties that you demand better from our electoral system and that you vote for liberty-focused ideas and solutions. The Libertarian Party, the Party of Principle, stands alone as a party determined to:


  • Provide a balanced budget, end deficits, and finally address the explosive national debt
  • End the unconstitutional foreign wars and military entanglements, and bring our troops home
  • Remove barriers to free trade and the free movement of peaceful people
  • End federal civil asset forfeiture and pardon persons convicted of non-violent, victimless crimes
  • Institute real criminal justice reform and end the failed war on drugs
  • Get education out of the government’s hands and return decisions of education to parents, teachers, and students
  • Slash federal spending, make government much smaller, and let you keep what you earn

Financial contributions allow us to ensure that Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen are known to voters in America before election day. When you become a member of the Libertarian Party or renew your membership, you’ll receive your customized membership card and a year-long subscription to LP News, the official mailed newspaper of the Libertarian Party.




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