Thomas Paine Communication Award

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2022 Award Winner: Steven Horwitz

The Thomas Paine Communication Award is for recognition of outstanding communication of Libertarian ideas, principles, and values through written, published, or spoken communication. The recipient of the 2022 Thomas Paine Communication Award is Steven Horwitz.

Steven Horwitz

After months of anticipation and excitement, the Libertarian Party is proud to announce that Steven Horwitz has won this year’s Thomas Paine Communication Award. Established in 2002 in honor of patriot and founding father Thomas Paine, the award traditionally recognizes exemplary individuals for promoting liberty passionately throughout their lives. As the 2022 winner of this prestigious honor, Steven stands alongside a long list of brilliantly talented and passionate communicators who have shaped libertarian discourse for decades. His distinct ability to connect with millions of people through words and stories has put him in great company; a well-deserved accomplishment that should be applauded by libertarians across the nation and around the world.

Past Thomas Paine Communication Award Winners

1996: Jacob Hornberger
1998: Harry Browne
2000: Michael Cloud
2002: Richard Pearl
2004: Mary Ruwart
2006: John Stossel
2008: Mike Fergusen and Eric Schansberg
2010: Rex Bell
2012: Jim Lark
2014: Sharon Harris
2016: Jason Scheurer
2018: Carla Howell
2020: Larry Sharpe