What Who’s Driving? trains Libertarians to do better

Who’s Driving? trains Libertarians to:

  1. differentiate themselves from their Democratic and Republican opponents.
  2. recognize when a conversation is mired in a discussion about existing, or more, Big Government, and to quickly redirect the conversation to one that advances a Libertarian agenda.
  3. present Libertarian Solutions that have broad appeal, that are simple and easy for voters to grasp, and that open their minds to voting Libertarian.
  4. help voters see why implementing these solutions will make their lives dramatically better.
  5. anticipate and respond effectively to objections.
  6. create a mandate for their Libertarian solutions, so they have a much better chance of enacting them if elected.

In short, Who’s Driving? gives Libertarians powerful tools to enhance their campaigns and to put liberty in the driver’s seat.