Why is "Who's Driving?" needed?

When it comes to talking politics today, Big Government is in the driver’s seat.

Pick up any newspaper in America. Or listen to pundits on TV or talk radio. What you’ll see and hear is endless proposals for more Big Government. New bureaucracies, taxes, laws, prohibitions, and regulations. More foreign meddling. More government debt. Debates about how to expand government. Or how much to increase it.

When the mainstream media even bothers to offer an “opposing” point of view, it is limited to arguing against expanding government. Or for reducing future increases in government.

Rarely is there any discussion about making government smaller than it is today. About actually shrinking today’s Big Government — and advancing liberty.

Even when conservative radio hosts bash liberals and their Big Government agenda, almost never do they offer concrete proposals for shrinking today’s government. No real tax cuts, no real government spending cuts, no repeal of anti-gun laws, no removal of job-killing regulations.

Same thing when liberal pundits bash conservatives. Rarely do they call for ending the marijuana prohibition, closing unneeded overseas military bases, or repealing the Patriot Act.

Both liberal and conservative spokespersons promote the status quo — more Big Government. Despite impassioned rhetoric claiming that they’re for freedom.

Big Government dominates conversations not just in the mainstream media, but everywhere. Proposals to shrink today’s Big Government are rare even on the Internet or in everyday conversation. Even among Libertarians, who talk more about what they're against — than what they're for.

This keeps Big Government in the driver’s seat — and keeps the option of a small, Libertarian government off the table.

It keeps American voters in the dark about the many benefits that shrinking government awards: prosperity, peace, low crime rates, freedom, justice, better health, self-sufficiency, financial security, technological progress, and boundless career opportunities.

Who’s Driving?, a game created by National LP Executive Director Carla Howell, teaches Libertarian candidates, leaders, activists, and virtually every true supporter of liberty how to seize the steering wheel — and leave Big Government at the curb. How to replace Big Government propaganda with attractive, credible Libertarian solutions — for much less government.

Continually formulating solutions to dismantle and shrink Big Government requires Libertarians to become more aware of existing laws, authorities of officeholders, government budgets, and other information needed to dismantle Big Government. This enables candidates and spokespersons to articulate how we get from today's Big Government to freedom, giving them the authority and confidence to be powerful leaders in the political arena.

The more often Libertarians play Who’s Driving?, the more skilled they get and the more natural it becomes for them to regularly put a Libertarian agenda in the driver’s seat.

While Who’s Driving? focuses on controlling conversations, it also helps Libertarians develop a variety of other persuasion and political skills, such as anticipating and responding to objections, staying on message, and selling the benefits of liberty. Playing Who's Driving? dramatically improves candidates' ability to do interviews, deliver speeches, and answer questions, which magnifies the impact and effectiveness of their Libertarian campaigns.

Who’s Driving? is more than just a great training for Libertarian candidates and spokespersons. It’s a tool for creating awareness and acceptance of small government ideas among the people that Libertarians talk to in their everyday lives: family, friends, Facebook friends, fellow activists, and everyone they influence or encounter.