West Virginia - Libertarian Party Candidates 2012

If you don't see any candidates in the districts where you live, please visit this page to see how Libertarian candidates make a difference, and consider joining our team of Libertarian Party candidates in future elections.

David Moran

Governor, West Virginia

Election Date: April 5, 2012



Web: http://www.dm4gov.com/
Email: DDDMoran@aol.com

Brent West

Mayor, Vienna (write-in), West Virginia

Election Date: November 3, 2012


WV 26101

About the Candidate: 

Sadly one of the mayoral candidates for the city of Vienna, WV passed away on November 1, 2012, five days before the election. In response to this tragedy, the city opened a brief time to allow write-in candidates to file for office. Libertarian Brent West has officially filed. Voters in Vienna will elect their new mayor on November 6th in the General Election.