What Is a Libertarian Solution and How Can YOU Create One?

A Libertarian Solution is a proposal to shrink Big Government - that never expands Big Government. The more it shrinks Big Government, the more liberty we gain.

A Libertarian Solution must be simple and easy to explain - or need no explanation - to be effectively used in a campaign. Candidates have very little time to express their ideas to voters, often just 10- or 20-second sound bites! Therefore the subject matter should be familiar to voters, and the proposed solution should take only seconds to understand. For example, “cut the property tax in half.”

A Libertarian Solution must be favored by a substantial percentage of voters to win them over. The more, the better. But it must also offer substantial benefits to voters so that they care and so voters are motivated to go to the polls and vote for it. They must see it as a solution that will make their lives substantially better. To help voters visualize how this solution would play out in their own lives, the benefits must be spelled out as much as possible.

A tax cut, great as it sounds to Libertarians, is a feature -- not a benefit. A benefit is how the feature can affect voters’ lives for the better. So a benefit of a tax cut is more money in voters' pockets to pay their bills, pay off credit cards or student loans, take the family on a vacation, put away money for retirement, etc. These are benefits that matter to everyday voters.

There's no shortage of benefits that Libertarian Solutions can offer.

Benefits should be quantified wherever possible to illustrate their impact. For example, "ending a state income tax would give back $3,000 to the average taxpayer - every year." The number of voters who may benefit if the proposal is implemented should also be quantified. For example, "each of the 3,000,000 taxpayers and workers in the state will get back an average of $3,000 - every year - if we end the state income tax."

A Libertarian Solution must also be something that candidates running for state, federal or local office would have the authority to implement.

To demonstrate their sincerity to voters, candidates must specify the action(s) they would take to implement the proposal if elected, such as sponsoring legislation and working to get it passed. This distinguishes Libertarians from the Democratic and Republican opponents who was philosophical when it comes to liberty but vote against it.

All this must be boiled down to sound bites, ads and concise candidate statements. Simple, clear and compelling.

Formulate and propose your solution

We invite Libertarian Party candidates, spokespersons and members to submit ideas for Libertarian Solutions, which we may add to the list of Sample Libertarian Solutions (used for playing the game Who's Driving?) or which we may turn into an essay or video presentation.

To guide you in ensuring your Libertarian Solution meets these criteria, please fill out this form.