Jun 2016

ALEXANDRIA -- Congress has been debating the merits of adding women into Selective Service to be drafted with men during times of national emergency.

Sen. Rand Paul has suggested that it would be better to end the draft.

The Libertarian Party agrees.

"The draft is simply slavery by another name. Drafting people to go abroad and kill or be killed is barbaric and a discredit to our military and country," says Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

Jun 2016

ALEXANDRIA — The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly List, "no buy" lists, and other such lists where the government infringes on a person's rights without due process of law.

In recent years, the federal government has used "the war on terror" as an excuse to encroach on our most fundamental human rights.

Warrant-less wiretapping, detaining prisoners for years without trials in Guantanamo Bay, "no fly" lists that are compiled secretly and without due process, and similar "no buy" lists all violate the human rights of Americans and non-Americans alike.

Jun 2016

Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, issued the following statement today:

Jun 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters who reject the offensive, dangerous rhetoric of Republican Donald Trump and the militarism and corporate ties of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, have another choice.

Jun 2016

OMAHA — Laura Ebke, the state senator representing Nebraska’s Legislative District 32, has changed her party registration from Republican to Libertarian, the second legislator to do so this year. Rep. John Moore (Nevada’s 8th Assembly District) also left the GOP for the Libertarian Party in January.

May 2016

ORLANDO — Today two-term Massachusetts governor William Weld became the vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party at its nominating convention.

Earlier today, the delegates elected two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson to be the party’s presidential nominee.

“This is the highest-profile ticket in the Libertarian Party’s history,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Libertarian Party Chair. “And it comes at a time when Americans yearn for a credible alternative to Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

May 2016

ORLANDO – He’s already at over 10% in four polls….

Today Libertarian Party delegates elected Gov. Gary Johnson, two-term governor of New Mexico, to be the party’s nominee for President of the United States, with a mission of moving America in the direction of more personal freedom, fiscal responsibility, and less military intervention.

May 2016

ORLANDO — Last night delegates to the Libertarian Party’s nominating convention selected six candidates to compete to be the party’s nominee for President of the United States, five of whom qualified for and participated in the evening’s highly entertaining televised debate.

Candidates needed the votes of 30 delegates to be nominated; they needed 10% of the 740 votes cast to be included in the debate (74). Vote totals were:

Gov. Gary Johnson - 226 (30.5%)

Austin Petersen - 106 (14.3%)


How many non-Libertarians do you know who are voting for Gary Johnson for President?

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