Mar 2016

Part One of the first, nationally-televised, pre-convention, Libertarian presidential debate will air tonight, April 1, on Fox Business Network’s Stossel Show at 9 PM ET. Part Two will air on April 8.

Mar 2016

Today the Oklahoma State Election Board announced that the Libertarian Party’s (OKLP) petition submitted on February 22 is valid, allowing candidates to appear on the state’s November ballot as Libertarians. OKLP has not been recognized as an official political organization in the state since 2000.

To become a recognized political party, Libertarians had to complete a massive signature drive. Although Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill in 2015 to reduce the signature requirement to 24,745, it’s still among the states with the highest ballot-access qualification hurdles.

Mar 2016

It looks increasingly likely that Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton will be the nominees for the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Neither candidate is a friend to liberty. And freedom-loving Americans everywhere are deeply concerned.

For quite some time, Pew Research Center polls have consistently shown that more Americans identify as "independent" than as Republicans or Democrats.

Now, many Republican primary voters are considering voting for non-Republican candidates in the general election.

Mar 2016

The first 2016 nationally televised presidential debate of Libertarian candidates will be filmed on March 29 and air on Fox Business Network’s Stossel Show April 1 at 9:00pm E.T.

The nation’s third largest political party, Libertarians represent a growing plurality of Americans who are neither “left” nor “right” but who lean libertarian on issues from foreign intervention to marijuana to balancing the federal budget.

Feb 2016

"Why compete for votes when you can use your gubernatorial powers to change or bend the law to quash your opponents?" That seems to be the attitude of Ohio Republican governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich.

Voters today strongly disapprove of the performance of both Democrats and Republicans in office and want more choices on the ballot. But Kasich denied them a choice when he helped to knock his competitor, Libertarian for Governor Charlie Earl, off the ballot in 2014.

Feb 2016

With Sen. Rand Paul's announcement today that he is suspending his campaign, the Libertarian Party nominee will be, indisputably, the only choice for small government in the 2016 race for President of the United States.

Many "small l" libertarians hoped Rand Paul would win the GOP nomination. But the forces of Big Government that dominate the Republican Party won out, once again.

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