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Libertarian candidate Casey Carlisle on Todd Herman Show

Libertarian Casey Carlisle, candidate for mayor of Seattle, was interviewed on the Todd Herman radio show on KTTH 770AM. Carlisle is running for mayor of Seattle to simplify the business license tax, do away with the other taxes, and get rid of occupational licensing. The mayoral primary election will be held August 1. Because Washington has a top two voting system, only […]

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Montana race shows Libertarian votes can no longer be ignored

Libertarian Mark Wicks Libertarian Mark Wicks won 6 percent of the vote in Montana’s race for the state’s only U.S. House seat yesterday, demonstrating, once again, that America’s third largest political party is routinely in play in key elections. While Wicks’ vote fell shy of beating Republican Greg Gianforte’s 7-point lead over Democrat Rob Quist, […]

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LSLA Conference

Location: The Executive Court Banquet Facility (near the Manchester Airport) 1199 South Mammoth Road Manchester, New Hampshire 03109 Features: Lunch Keynote Speaker – Larry Sharpe Dinner Keynote Speaker – Angela Keaton Michael Pickens will give an all-day candidate and training session. Wes Benedict will give a training session on Fundraising for Affiliates. 3 meals served on-premises. Cash […]

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Store Summer Sale

SALE ENDS TUESDAY, MAY 30! Gray Baseball Cap – $15 – $9.99! “Don’t Spy On Me” Shirt – $20 – $14.99! “Taxation is Theft” Shirt – $20 – $14.99! “I’m with her!” Shirt – $20 – $14.99! Gray Performance Polo – $40 – $29.99! Gray Shirt – $15 – $9.99! Women’s Scoop Neck Shirt – […]

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Now hiring!

Our Party didn’t slow down its growth or hard work after the 2016 election. In fact, we doubled down and are pushing forward aggressively in preparation for 2018 and 2020. There are so many elements to this but I’ll quickly name some highlights: – pursuing 50 state ballot access so that every American will have […]

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LPHQ job posting: Candidate Support Specialist

The Libertarian Party is seeking a Candidate Support Specialist who will help recruit a record number of Libertarian Party candidates nationwide for the 2018 election cycle. You will help all candidates run more effective campaigns, and help identify specific opportunities where Libertarians can win elections. Job Description: Libertarian Party candidates are the true heroes of […]

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LPHQ job posting: Press Secretary

The Libertarian Party is seeking a Press Secretary who shares our love of liberty and will help the Libertarian Party succeed as a vehicle for implementing libertarian policies. Job Description: The Press Secretary monitors breaking news and prepares responses from a Libertarian perspective. In addition to responding to what’s already happening, a highly successful Press […]

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Special Event

Special Event Conference Call – Fundraising 101

You are invited to a special conference call on Fundraising 101 featuring LNC Region 3 Representative Brett Bittner Tuesday, May 23 5 PM Pacific 6 PM Mountain 7 PM Central 8 PM Eastern Brett Bittner served as the Executive Director of the Advocates for Self-Government and of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. He previously served […]

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Want more press coverage for Libertarians?

Last week, Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on two of Glenn Beck’s programs. Here is a clip from the TV interview. Do you want to see more interviews like this? Do you want to see Libertarian Party spokesmen on major news outlets on a regular basis? To work towards that, the Libertarian Party […]

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Iowa eliminates straight-ticket device

Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad signed bill H.F. 516, which eliminated the straight-ticket device, on May 5. Straight-ticket ballots list the officially qualified parties at the top, usually just “Democrat” and “Republican.” Voters can check an adjacent box to cast a vote for all of that party’s candidates on their ballot. Thus voters are often unaware […]

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