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Corey Fauconier running in special election for state senate in Virginia

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch on December 6: “Libertarian activist Corey Fauconier filed paperwork with the Virginia Department of Elections by Monday’s 5 p.m. filing deadline, according to state officials. The filing is under review to ensure Fauconier met all requirements for ballot access, including the submission of 250 petition signatures from voters in the district.” […]

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Libertarian National Committee Meets Dec. 10-11, Alexandria, VA

The Libertarian National Committee will meet the weekend of December 10-11 in Alexandria, Virginia. Meeting details, including the agenda and committee reports are posted here: The LNC will attempt to stream the meeting live on the Internet. Be advised that broadcast quality has sometimes been low and intermittent. Broadcast link: There’s a party […]

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Kankakee County Board’s Byrne Joins Libertarian Party of Illinois

From a press release issued by the Illinois Libertarian Party on December 7:  Kankakee County Board Representative Jim Byrne, R-Bradley, announced today he has officially joined the Libertarian Party of Illinois. Byrne will serve as the Vice-Chairman of the new Kankakee County Libertarian Party Central Committee that was formed and recognized by the Libertarian Party […]

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Libertarians File to Reclaim Party Status in Ohio

From a press release by the Ohio Libertarian Party: COLUMBUS—December 5, 2016—The five-person committee that filed petitions to place the Libertarian presidential ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld on the November ballot in Ohio filed paperwork Friday afternoon with the office of Secretary of State Jon Husted claiming party status and ballot access for […]

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Sitting Delaware councilman switches to Libertarian Party

Ed Zielinski, an elected councilman of Elsmere, Delaware, recently switched over to the Libertarian Party. Mr. Zielinksi, a former Republican, was elected to the non-partisan town council seat in April, 2015. He switched his party registration to the Libertarian Party in September. “I had received no support for liberty legislation”, said Mr. Zielinski about switching parties. “The […]

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15 Libertarian candidates won election on November 8

Eight Libertarian candidates were elected to office on election day, November 8, and seven Libertarian officials were reelected. Below is the list of elected and reelected officials from election day: AZ Ruth Bennett Continental Elementary School District Board (reelected) CA Jonathan Hall Tehachapi Cummings Water District Board (reelected) CA Brian Holtz Purissima Hills Water District […]

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St. Fleur using ballot measure to force city bankruptcy

Gary St. Fleur doesn’t buy the idea that “you can’t fight city hall.” He’s taking on the powers that be in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a small, depressed city that is wracked with high debt, high unemployment, and government profiteers who plunder overtaxed citizens. St. Fleur, who formed the advocacy group Save Scranton, says […]

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Indiana Libertarian op-ed: Approach to drug addiction isn’t working

From an op-ed piece by John Pickerill, a former Indiana GOP county chair who joined the Libertarian Party earlier this year, in the Lafayette (Indiana) Journal and Courier online on November 27: “Drug abuse in our community and in Indiana is worse than ever. Some media are now calling it an epidemic. Hospitals and our emergency responders are being overwhelmed with […]

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Russian interference

I thought I’d share this recent commentary from Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra: The latest hypocritical argument from American media: Russia “interfered with” the 2016 elections by leaking facts about the Clinton campaign. At the same time, the press appears entirely ignorant of the exponentially larger levels at which the U.S. government interferes politically, economically, and […]

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Arvin Vohra

Post Election Survey of Third Party Movement Leaders: Part One

From an article by Peter Gemma posted at Independent Political Report on November 22: “The Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson’s share of the national vote is approaching 3.3 percent, better than any other presidential result in the party’s 45-year history. Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, asserted that, ‘During this election cycle, […]

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Washington Times: Libertarian renaissance now underway

From Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times on November 21: “Republicans and Democrats may be a little worse for wear following the 2016 election, but the Libertarian Party has never been better. The nation’s third party is basking in respectable showings at the polls, intense new media interest and greater credibility. They lost, but they’re […]

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