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Strong presence for Indiana LP US Senate candidate Brenton in 3-way debate

Indiana Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Lucy Brenton was assertive and bold in a 3-way televised debate with the Democratic and Republican challengers on October 18, which was broadcast on Indianapolis station WFYI-TV. “Stop bailing out businesses. Stop bailing out your cronies, and bail us out instead. Let us keep our taxpayer money in our pockets.” […]

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Column points to vote for Libertarian calling for release of victimless drug offender

Libertarian David Afton, running for Prosecutor in Wayne County, Michigan, got a boost from Deadline Detroit columnist Allan Lengel. Lengel cites statements from the Informant America blog, which advocates for the release of Rick Wershe. Sentenced for life, Wershe was convicted of dealing drugs as a teenager: “Attorney David Afton, the Libertarian candidate you’ve probably never heard of, is running […]

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Johnson run could push NM Libertarian Party into major party status

From the New Mexico Political Report on October 26: “New Mexico could see a Libertarian primary election on the same day as the Democratic and Republican primaries in 2018. “That will depend on the outcome of this year’s presidential election and if the state’s Libertarian Party can boost its membership numbers. “Currently the Libertarian Party […]

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New film ‘Rigged 2016’ featuring Gary Johnson available to view online

“Do not cast your vote in 2016 until you see this film!” founder Patrick Byrne, with acclaimed Hollywood producer of Farenhype 9/11, Jeff Hays, and filmmaker James Greenwood, created the new documentary Rigged 2016: Silencing Outside Voices. It explores the corrupting influence of the two-party system, using Libertarian Gary Johnson’s campaign as a focal point. Greenwood has […]

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Texas LP candidate endorsed by the Star-Telegram and in debate on October 22

Mark Miller, the Libertarian candidate for the Railroad Commission in Texas, was endorsed by the Star-Telegram on October 20. Mr. Miller has been endorsed by the major daily newspapers in the state. “Texans should buck two-party tradition and elect Libertarian Mark Miller, a former University of Texas at Austin petroleum engineering professor with deep oil […]

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Dick Heller endorses DC Libertarian candidate

Washington, DC — 2016 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Delegate for the District of Columbia and long-time community activist Martin Moulton secured the endorsement of Dick Heller, successful plaintiff in a landmark case (District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008) in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to possess a […]

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John Buckley

Charleston Gazette-Mail endorses WV Libertarian for statewide office

The Charleston Gazette-Mail, the daily newspaper of the largest city in West Virginia, endorsed Libertarian John Buckley for Secretary of State on October 20. “The secretary of state is a relatively small office, but is in charge of overseeing state elections and registering businesses. Those are two big responsibilities, and should not be taken lightly. […]

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John Stossel: A Better Choice

From an article by John Stossel in The Patriot Post on October 18: Hillary Clinton is a manipulative, power-mad liar. Donald Trump is a selfish, sexist, narcissistic bully. These are our choices Nov. 8? The leading candidates’ avarice is bad enough. Their ideas are worse. Clinton wants to micro-regulate America into poverty and stagnation. Trump […]

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Reason interviews LP Chair on Gary Johnson LP future

In a new podcast, Reason’s Nick Gillespie talks with Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark about what the ‘party of principle’ is up to in the final weeks of the 2016 race and the LP’s bold new strategy of running electable, pragmatic candidates who are also committed to maximum freedom and minimal government. Click here to […]

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