LNC Staff & Support

If you have a question about one of the following topics, please contact the corresponding address:

Affiliate relations and support – Click here
Campaign support – campaigns@lp.org
General questions – info@lp.org
Internships – internships@lp.org
LP Store – store@lp.org
Media requests – click here
Membership services – membership@lp.org
Operations and accounting – ops@lp.org
Public relations – media@lp.org
Website – webmaster@lp.org
Youth and campus activities – james.lark@lp.org

Wes Benedict

Executive Director

Email: wes.benedict@lp.org

Robert Kraus

Operations Director

Email: robert.kraus@lp.org

Bob Johnston

Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist

Email: bob.johnston@lp.org

Andy Burns

State Affiliate Development Specialist

Email: andy.burns@lp.org

Jess Mears

Development Manager

Email: jess.mears@lp.org

Nick Dunbar

Special Projects

Email: nick.dunbar@lp.org