2026 Convention RFP

Thank you for your interest in having us consider your venue for our 2026 Libertarian National Convention!

Please view our complete RPF Here: LNC-RFP-2026

Executive Summary:

Dates: Weekends between May 1st and July 31st, 2026 (including holidays except Mother’s or Father’s Day)

Space Requirements: Two ballrooms (minimum 30,000 sq ft for main hall and 9,000 sq ft for lunch/dinner
events – or other space that can handle meals for about 450-500 in rounds of 8-10), additional 4,000 sq ft +
space for receptions/special events, exhibit area for 50 booths near main ballroom, and with easy access to
breakout rooms (4 minimum, of 1200 sq ft each, plus several other smaller rooms of various configurations).

Sleeping Room Commitment: Peak of 400 rooms, with total room nights of 2200 spread over 9 days with
room rates in the $159 or under range. Please note: our attendees pay their own way so room rate is key!

F&B: Normally includes 1-2 breakfasts, 2-3 lunches, 2 receptions and one major gala dinner. Budget
requirement no more than $80,000 total. Some sponsors may host additional meals/receptions.

Schedule of Events: Most of the event space is needed on Day 0 through Day 4. See full RFP for details.

Previous Conventions:
Nugget Reno NV – Memorial Day Weekend 2022
Rosen Centre Orlando FL – weekend after July 4th, 2020
Hyatt Regency New Orleans LA – weekend preceding Wed, July 4th, 2018
Rosen Centre Orlando FL – Memorial Day Weekend 2016
Hyatt Regency Columbus OH – Late June 2014
Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas NV – Early May 2012
Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis MO – Memorial Day 2010
Adams Mark / Sheraton in Denver CO – Memorial Day Weekend 2008
Hilton in Portland OR – July 4th Weekend 2006
Marriott Atlanta GA – July 4th Weekend 2004
Future: Washington Hilton Washington DC – Memorial Day Weekend 2024

What we want to see for your proposal:
a) 2 proposals for your “best dates” including at least one for a holiday weekend
b) Please be very sharp on the room rate – our members pay their own way!
c) Complimentary or reduced parking is a huge plus
d) Complimentary wifi in sleeping rooms, meeting space, and convention space is a huge plus
e) Note “non commissionable” & we prefer additional amenities or concessions in lieu of points

Please fill out the below form (also available here) & follow the instructions once complete:

Thank you in advance,

Robert Kraus – RFP@LP.Org