Ballot Access Problem Hotline

COVID-19 is affecting ballot access drives across the country

The Libertarian party wants to hear about your ballot drive problems while petitioning. We’re looking for
affidavits from

  • Candidates who are required by law to gather signatures
  • Petitioners who had to stop working because they were worried about their health.
  • Petitioners who found that people were unwilling to sign because of Corona fears
  • Voters who are unwilling to sign petitions because of health fears

Please help us by telling us your story.

  • If you are a petitioner worried about your health, tell us why. If you are a petitioner who finds people unwilling to sign, tell us that too. And if you are a voter who did not sign a petition because of a health concern, please let us know.
  • Max. file size: 200 MB.