The below organizers announce that an organizational meeting to form a new organization in New Mexico to petition for affiliation with the national Libertarian Party is being called as follows:

Date: October 29, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm (noon) MST

Location: Via Zoom

Advance registration is required which can be done at above link at which time you will be sent the meeting link upon confirmation of your email. You must use your legal name if you wish to be credentialed to vote, if qualified.

Purpose: To pass the following resolution:

Resolved, To organize a new society to work towards functioning as a qualified political party within the laws of the state of New Mexico as an affiliate of the national Libertarian Party and to apply for affiliation with same upon adoption of bylaws. [AMENDED SINCE FIRST POSTING]

And to consider the proposed draft bylaws (which can be found here: and once a set of bylaws is passed, to elect the first governance body of the new society, and then to sign an official petition to the national Libertarian Party under their rules and bylaws for affiliation.

The organizers have amended the proposed bylaws further, and a mark-up copy of their amended proposal is here.

Who is invited to attend: All national Libertarian Party members as of the time and date of this Call to Organizational Convention residing in New Mexico are entitled to attend, debate, and vote. Proof of national Libertarian Party membership might be required if the national records do not reflect membership. All other members of the public are invited to attend but not speak without the forebearance of the voting body. If the zoom capacity is full, the organizing convention will be posted to YouTube, and streamed, if possible.

Identification of Sponsors: Tyler Askin and Lynn Pinedo.

Any messages for the sponsors or requests for information can be sent to the national Libertarian Party Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos at who will forward to the organizers.

The correction issued was to clarify that the credentialling requires both residency in New Mexico and national Party membership current as of the date of the Notice. Further updates were made to the purpose resolution and a copy of amended proposed bylaws was posted.