Hall of Liberty

Awards 2016

Hess and Johnson Inducted into the Hall of Liberty

The Hall of Liberty, established in 2012, honors lifetime or significant achievement that has made a lasting effect on the Libertarian Party and/or libertarian movement.  Fourteen Libertarians have been inducted into the Hall of Liberty. The 2020 Hall of Liberty inductees are Karl Hess and Gov. Gary Johnson.

Karl Hess

Karl Hess (1923-1994) was one of the founders of the modern libertarian movement, uniting elements of left and right in dialog. Mr. Hess was an American speechwriter, editor, welder, motorcycle racer, political philosopher, tax resister and libertarian activist. His career included stints on the Republican right and the New Left before he became an anarcho-capitalist theorist. Hess was editor of the Libertarian Party NEWS from 1986-1990 and afterward served as editor emeritus. He was the author of more than a dozen books, including “Dear America”, “Community Technology”, and “Capitalism for Kids”. In 1964 he was the chief speechwriter for the Barry Goldwater presidential campaign. In 1969, Mr. Hess wrote an article for Playboy magazine entitled “The Death of Politics.” In the article, Mr. Hess described his own libertarian philosophy. The article, written before the founding of the Libertarian Party, is often credited with having brought about a revival of the libertarian movement. In 1992, Mr. Hess agreed to serve as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of West Virginia to call attention to the difficulties of ballot access in the state.

Governor Gary Johnson

Gov. Gary Johnson is a former governor of New Mexico and was the Libertarian nominee for President in 2012 and 2016. He was also the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate in the 2018 New Mexico election. In 2018, Gov. Johnson received nearly 4.5 million votes, which is the most for a third party presidential candidate since 1996 and the highest national vote share for a Libertarian candidate in history.

Past Hall of Liberty Inductees

2012:  Ed Clark, John Hospers, Roger MacBride, Tonie Nathan, and David Nolan
2014:  Harry Browne and Richard Winger
2016:  Ron Paul and Bill Redpath
2018:  Ruth Bennett, David Bergland, Ron Crickenberger, Jim Lark, and John Perry