LP Everywhere Capital Area Libertarian Party (Michigan)

We started a “Whisky Wednesday” event which has only met twice thus far but the potential is staggering. So far we have increased membership to regular meetings AND increased our membership strictly due to these “non-meetings.” We meet up at a member’s home on a Wednesday, eat snacks & have a drink (or not) and invite like minded people to talk about very general information. There is very little structure but so far we seem to split into 2-3 groups: the talk & learn & debate group and the plan an event group. Because of out Whiskey Wednesday we planned and participated in a Park Clean up event. We had 12-15 people show up and participate; this is HUGE considering our core group BEFORE Whiskey Wednesday was about 4-6 on a good day (for our actual monthly meeting). We have planned another event, a Hot Dogs for Veterans which will take place, God willing, on Veterans Day. TWO Whiskey Wednesdays, TWO new members (2 others will be eligible at our November meeting); TWO planned events; and interest with another 5-4 people!