Samuel Adams Activism Award

Awards 2016

Samuel Adams Activism Award is for recognition of effective activism by building Party membership. Organizing community outreach, or communicating Libertarian principles. The recipients of the 2020 Samuel Adams Activism Award are Evan McMahon and Aaron Starr.

Evan McMahon

Evan McMahon has traveled to several states to help the Libertarian Party in many areas, such as ballot access, petitions, membership drives, and candidate support. He served as an At-Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee during the 2014-2016 term. Mr. McMahon was the campaign manager for Nick Sarwark’s 2018 run for Mayor of Phoenix, AZ.

Aaron Starr

Aaron Starr’s campaigns for Oxnard (CA) City Council and ballot initiatives in Oxnard have built a community movement that has succeeded in saving utility ratepayers more than $77 million. He won a lawsuit against Oxnard, which will result in another $5 million of ratepayer refunds. Starr qualified five initiatives for the November 2020 ballot to reform Oxnard. Mr. Starr has held many positions in the party including LNC Treasurer, LNC Regional Representative, State Chair, State Treasurer, and County Chair.

Past Samuel Adams Activism Award Winners

1996: Don Ernsberger
1998: Steve Dasbach
2000: Richard Rider
2002: Bruce Baechler
2004: Jim Lark
2006: Michael Badnarik
2008: Bill Hall
2010: Michael Johnston and Kevin Knedler
2012: Clyde Garland
2014: Hardy Macia
2016: Wendy Adams
2018: Joe Johnson and Alicia Mattson