Sample Benefits of Libertarian Solutions

When making the case for a Libertarian Solution, interviewees will get benefit points if they go beyond just stating their proposal i.e, “we must end the marijuana prohibition” – and show how everyday voters’ lives will be better when we end the marijuana prohibition.

Following are some examples of benefits.

Cutting taxes will:

  • Put more money (name specific $ amount when possible) in the family budgets of the men and women who earned it.
  • Force politicians to cut government waste.
  • Create jobs.
  • Encourage workers to produce more because they’ll have more incentive when they keep more of what they earn.
  • Make businesses more profitable, return more money to shareholders and owners, and make America more prosperous.

Cutting government spending will:

  • Force politicians to cut government waste.
  • Create jobs.
  • Force politicians to repeal laws and end Big Government Programs that do more harm than good.
  • Move money out of the wasteful government sector and into the productive, private sector
  • Put millions / billions of dollars into the private sector which will be used to invest in small businesses – the engines of economic growth.
  • Replace inefficient bureaucracies with private enterprise and private charities that work far better, more humanely, and operate at a fraction of the cost of government
  • Encourage and empower people to be self-sufficient and better able to support their families.

Reducing red tape and bureaucracy will:

  • Dramatically reduce waste
  • Remove a source of annoyance in people’s lives
  • Allow businesses to operate with fewer hassles, to be more effective, to be more competitive, to serve their customers better, and to create more private-sector jobs.

Fewer foreign entanglements will:

  • Remove and reduce one of the ugliest aspects of humanity – war.
  • Foster peace.
  • Stop human casualties.
  • Stop massive property damage caused by war.
  • End the pretext for massive government overspending, high taxes, and government debt. Stop borrowing from the Chinese to fund American adventurism.
  • Take away reasons for people of foreign countries to hate Americans or to seek revenge.
  • Reduce the threat of terrorism.

Balancing the federal budget will:

  • Greatly reduce the risk of U.S. dollar becoming worthless
  • Greatly reduce the risk the U.S. government devolving into tyranny should hyperinflation lead to unrest
  • Stabilize prices
  • Preserve the value of savings, including retirement savings
  • Allow interest rates to rise to market rates, yielding livable annuities for seniors to live on without turning to government welfare.
  • End exploitation by banks of low-income Americans
  • Create incentive for investment according to real market demand, which creates jobs and financial stability.