2018 Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee survey

Libertarian Party Bylaws and Convention Rules

Fellow Libertarians,

After each Libertarian National Convention, a Bylaws and Rules Committee is established to consider and recommend proposed amendments to the party’s governing documents. The Bylaws Committee consists of 10 members, no more than five of whom must be non-members of the current Libertarian National Committee; this year’s members are M Carling, Andy Craig, David Pratt Demarest, Caryn Ann Harlos, Joe Bishop-Henchman, Joshua Katz, Alicia Mattson, Chuck Moulton, Kimberly Ruff, and Aaron Starr.

This survey contains our draft proposals to gain your feedback, positive or negative. The Bylaws and Rules Committee reports not to the LNC but directly to all of you, and we’ve kept that in mind as we’ve deliberated and voted. Your comments and concerns are welcomed, and the bylaws proposals you see at the convention may differ from the ones in this survey as we incorporate your suggestions and feedback.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact any committee member or, if you’d like it forwarded to all members, to Acting Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman at jdhenchman@gmail.com.

Take the 2018 Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee survey.