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Libertarian Party Platform

Take the 2018 Platform Committee survey

Fellow Libertarians, Prior to each Libertarian National Convention, a Platform Committee is established to consider and recommend proposed amendments to the Party Platform. This survey contains our draft proposals to gain your feedback both positive and negative. The Platform Committee reports not to the Libertarian National Committee but directly to all of you, and we’ve […]

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The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.

Blockchain Committee invites LP member input

Hi all, Recently the Libertarian National Committee created an ad hoc Blockchain Committee to explore the potential benefits that blockchain and distributed ledger technology may provide to the Libertarian Party. Blockchain technology has been made most famous by bitcoin, but there are a host of other potential uses. The goals of the committee are to […]

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Autumn Browne standing in front of an American flag, smiling, shoulder-length red hair (color photo)

Three California Libertarian candidates assured spots on November ballot

At least three Libertarian write-in candidates in California, including Autumn Browne, the daughter of Libertarian presidential nominee Harry Browne (1996 and 2000), will appear on the ballot this November. California is subject to a top-two primary system, where all candidates appear on all voters’ primary ballots, and only the top two finishers in each race, […]

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Mark Tippetts grinning while speaking into microphone with his fists in the air , wearing suit & tie (black and white photo)

‘Amarillo Pioneer’: Texas Libertarians nominate 2018 statewide candidates

Delegates to the Libertarian Party of Texas convention held April 14–15 nominated their candidates for state and national office for this year’s general election. The Amarillo Pioneer reported on the results on April 16. From the article, “Libertarian Party nominates statewide candidates for 2018”: Over the weekend, the Texas Libertarian Party convention in Houston included speeches […]

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Libertarian Party Bylaws and Convention Rules

2018 Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee survey

Fellow Libertarians, After each Libertarian National Convention, a Bylaws and Rules Committee is established to consider and recommend proposed amendments to the party’s governing documents. The Bylaws Committee consists of 10 members, no more than five of whom must be non-members of the current Libertarian National Committee; this year’s members are M Carling, Andy Craig, […]

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Lady Liberty silhouette in front of yellow MIchigan map silhouette, with text 'Libertarian party of Michigan' (color graphic)

Libertarian Party breaks Michigan record with contested gubernatorial primary

Ballot Access News reports that for the “first time in Michigan history, a third party has a contested gubernatorial primary.” From the April 19 article by Richard Winger: On August 7, 2018, Michigan holds primaries for the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian Parties. The Libertarian primary ballot will list two candidates for governor, Bill Gelineau and John […]

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William Weld speaking at a microphone wearing grey suit and tie, eyeglasses, dark background (color photo)

Libertarian VP nominee sues Massachusetts over winner-take-all presidential election system

2016 Libertarian vice-presidential nominee Gov. William Weld of Massachusetts is part of a coalition suing to overturn four states’ winner-take-all (WTA) presidential-election systems. The lawsuits were filed in federal courts in Weld’s own state of Massachusetts, as well as California, South Carolina, and Texas, claiming that these states’ nonproportional method of selecting electors is unconstitutional. […]

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Rob Hodgkinson portrait, wearing grey suit, striped tie, mustache, looking at camera, smiling, plain grey backdrop as in a photo studio (color photo)

Libertarian capitalizes on minor-party status in Kansas Secretary of State race

Rob Hodgkinson, former chair of the Kansas Libertarian Party, was featured on WIBW radio’s News Now program, discussing his 2018 candidacy for Kansas secretary of state. From the written synopsis of the March 27 interview, “Minor party status gives Secretary of State candidate unique perspective,” by WIBW news director Nick Gosnell: Libertarian Kansas Secretary of State […]

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LP News, May 2018

May 2018 issue of LP News now online

The May 2018 issue of LP News is now ready to view on our website. Inside, you can read coverage of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s ballot access victory, elected Libertarian Sen. Laura Ebke’s successful occupational licensing reform in Nebraska, Brandon Kneeld’s election to the Davenport City Council in Florida, why the United States […]

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