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Bill Redpath

Bill Redpath Wins Ballot Access Lawsuit for Himself as a Libertarian Nominee for U.S. House in Illinois

From Ballot Access News on September 15, 2020: On September 11, Bill Redpath, Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. House, Illinois Sixth District, won his ballot access lawsuit in state trial court. Bixler v Illinois State Board of Elections, Sangamon Co., 20 MR 775. The Illinois Board of Elections had determined that Redpath had enough valid […]

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Erika Kolenich

West Virginia LP Candidate for Governor Interviewed by WVU Newspaper

Erika Kolenich, the West Virginia Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, was interviewed by the Daily Athenaeum on August 26, 2020: Erika Kolenich is the candidate for governor of the Libertarian Party in West Virginia. Kolenich stopped in and talked about the importance of having a third-party option, opportunity for the state and campus carry with […]

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Austin American-Statesman

Austin American-Statesman: Texas Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to kick 44 Libertarians off ballot

From the Austin American-Statesman on September 6, 2020: The Texas Supreme Court rejected a GOP attempt to remove 44 Libertarian candidates from the November ballot, saying the Republicans waited too long to challenge their opponents’ eligibility. A long list of Republican candidates, joined by GOP organizations, argued that the Libertarians were ineligible to appear on […]

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Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Tribune: Libertarian vice presidential hopeful campaigns in Utah with satire and humor

From the Salt Lake Tribune on September 2, 2020: As satire on how stinky he says politics has become, the current Libertarian Party nominee for vice president, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, had run earlier this year with a candidate named Vermin Supreme — who wears a boot as a hat and calls for zombie apocalypse awareness. Cohen, who was […]

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Houston Chronicle logo

Houston Chronicle: Republicans ask Texas Supreme Court to boot Libertarians off ballot

From the Houston Chronicle on August 28, 2020: About a week after Texas Democrats took several Green Party candidates to court and had them knocked off the ballot for failing to pay candidate filing fees, state and national Republicans are taking a similar case to the state’s highest civil court. The Third Court of Appeals […]

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Libertarian Party

Draft Convention Minutes from First Sitting May 22-24, 2020 Available for Review

The Party Bylaws require draft convention minutes to be posted to the Party website prior to presentation for approval by the LNC as follows: ARTICLE 10: CONVENTIONS 9. The Convention Secretary shall produce draft convention minutes within 60 days of the adjournment of the Convention and present them to the National Committee. Draft convention minutes […]

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Libertarian Party

LNC Historical Preservation and Convention Voting Process Committees seek applicants

The Libertarian National Committee is soliciting applications for the following committees: Historical Preservation Committee: This committee is responsible for directing the preservation and publication of Party historical documents and the administration of This is very much a hands-on working committee that requires a significant time commitment. As the committee is self-funded, fundraising is encouraged. […]

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ballot access map

Presidential Ballot Access: Five States To Go

The Libertarian Party 2020 presidential ticket of Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen is certified to appear the ballot in 45 states plus DC. The remaining states are Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Petitions have been submitted to the state election offices in Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Virginia, where they are […]

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Amarillo Pioneer logo

Amarillo Pioneer: McKennon to Lead Top of Texas Libertarian Ticket in 2020

From the Amarillo Pioneer on August 4, 2020: Kerry McKennon has officially won the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate and will represent the party in Texas’ highest-profile contest in 2020. Over the weekend, the Libertarian Party of Texas finalized its nominees for the general election at the state party’s convention in Big Spring. McKennon […]

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Ballot Access News

Ballot Access News: New Mexico Libertarian Nominee for Statewide Partisan Race Placed on November Ballot

From Ballot Access News on August 17, 2020: On August 17, a Libertarian Party ballot access case in New Mexico was settled. A final order from a U.S. District Court documents that the New Mexico Secretary of State now agrees that Stephen Curtis received enough write-in votes in the June Libertarian primary to qualify for […]

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Ricky Dale Harrington

Reason: Tom Cotton’s Only Challenger Is a Black Libertarian Prison Chaplain

From Reason online on July 31, 2020: Sen. Tom Cotton’s Democratic challenger, Josh Mahony, dropped out of the U.S. Senate race just hours after the filing deadline closed. Between this and Cotton’s comments over the past few weeks, which range from calling slavery a “necessary evil” to calling for military force in American streets, many Arkansas voters worry that the […]

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Recognizing the increasing evidence of widespread inappropriate use of force by law enforcement, I am committed to listening and then doing what I can to end police misconduct.

I am also committed to ending the drug war, qualified immunity, no-knock warrants, and other misguided policies which create the setting conducive to much of this violence.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen
Libertarian Candidate for President

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