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The South Central Libertarians, affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois, participated in the Mt. Vernon Fall Festival parade.

Illinois Libertarian candidates at Mt. Vernon Fall Festival

The South Central Libertarians, affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois, participated in the Mt. Vernon Fall Festival parade. Libertarian candidates for office in Illinois shared their views on privatizing government services, reining in budgets, reducing taxes, legalizing marijuana, and more in an article published by Heartland Newsfeed: Three candidates running for the Libertarian Party […]

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Stop Top Two

CA shift to March primary may doom ‘top-two’ system

Since the passage of California’s “top-two” elections law in 2010, all candidates other than president have been listed on the same primary ballot, with only the top two of those names for each position going on to the general election. This has the effect of prohibiting a wide range of candidates from ever appearing on […]

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North Carolina Ballot Access Requirements

Important message about North Carolina ballot access

Richard Winger, the longtime editor of Ballot Access News and encyclopedic expert on ballot access topics procedures, has a message for the people of North Carolina. If you care about North Carolina’s ballot access laws, take a few moments to read this, then contact Gov. Roy Cooper to let him know what you think about […]

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We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade.

Brief Jones Act waiver isn’t enough to help Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is struggling to regain its footing after a disastrous hurricane, but it’s expensive to ship necessary supplies thanks in large part to the Jones Act, a piece of protectionist legislation left over from nearly a century ago that prohibits foreign ships from carrying cargo from one U.S. port to another and keeps shipping […]

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LP News, September 2017

September issue of LP News now on website

The September 2017 issue of LP News has hit mailboxes and is now ready to view on our website. Inside, you can read coverage of Libertarian Party participation at Independence Day celebrations and FreedomFest; who’s been running for office this fall, including special reports on campaigns in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah; how our […]

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Arvin Vohra

Why guns matter

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas terrorist attack, as many of us search for something to blame, some will arrive at guns. That anger will apply both to guns and to your friends and acquaintances who support guns. Before reaching that conclusion in sadness and anger, however, I ask you to consider why millions […]

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Brandon Reiser

Libertarian Brandon Reiser challenges Rep. Rohrabacher’s CA congressional seat

Brandon Reiser Voters in California’s 48th congressional district are dissatisfied with the political status quo, and their split loyalties provide an opportunity for Brandon Reiser, a 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for the 48th U.S. House seat long held by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. A recent Orange County Register article explained Reiser’s strategy: Brandon Reiser may be […]

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LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark on John Stossel's Constitution Day video

LNC chair on Stossel: The best part of the Constitution

What’s your favorite part of the Constitution? In a new video for Reason to commemorate Constitution Day on Sunday, Sept. 17, libertarian journalist John Stossel surveyed a variety of people to ask what they liked best about the Constitution. Interviews included members of the general public, as well as leaders in the liberty movement, including […]

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