2020 Libertarian National Convention registration Tax Day Deal!

2020 Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas

Join us at the next Libertarian National Convention, May 21–25, 2020, in Austin, Texas!

It’s 4/15. We feel your pain. It’s with that in mind — and because TANSTAAFL* — that we are releasing our TaxTheft Day Deal to help ease the pain. We are opening 2020 Libertarian National Convention registration by offering an exceptional deal on a Gold Package. It may feel like stealing, but we know who’s really violating the non-aggression principle today!

This is THE absolute lowest you’ll see the Gold Package — only $415! This includes everything** that’s part of the official convention.*** Hurry! You only have five days to take advantage of this steal of a deal.

If you want to help keep the convention affordable for everyone, consider throwing in an “Add-On” at checkout.

If you want to do even more to help the Libertarian Party financially, consider joining the Welcoming Committee, which includes a Gold Package along with various mentions on convention literature and media. It’s the only committee that comes with ZERO work!

* TANSTAAFL stands for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” This means that everything has a cost to someone, hidden or unhidden.

** The Gold Package includes: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, opening reception, gala, after party, training, branded lanyard, swag bag with swag, lots of speakers, lots of exhibitors, and lots of excitement.

*** Torch Club and other VIP events are not included and may cost extra.